Frequently Asked Questions

Your top questions. . .answered! If you don't see the appropriate response to your question, please contact us at [email protected]!

A:    ReFresh is an online video-driven training site that provides year-round support for you and your club, no matter what role you serve in. It’s packed with in-depth, practical training, spiritual enrichment, and community support with women across the globe.

A:    As a GEMS leader you pour out so much. Let ReFresh pour back into you! As you mentor girls, you will be mentored with essential training, Bible teachings, and invaluable support from the GEMS Staff and the other women who are part of this ReFresh community.

A:    Yes! ReFresh is open to anyone who desires to impact the lives of girls or is seeking personal spiritual encouragement. If you’re a parent, grandparent, mentor, or church leader, you will find relevant and practical teaching you can apply in your home, personal, and community life.

You can expect ReFreshment—personally and as a ministry leader! Beginning in July, you will receive weekly emails that direct you to a new message with a corresponding handout that can be watched individually or as a counselor team. Plus, you will be invited into the current conversation topics and ideas being shared among women across the globe.

Check out the pricing section included on this webpage. Still have questions? Email [email protected].

Scholarship funds are available. Email [email protected]. And if you are willing to contribute to the ReFresh Scholarship Fund to help other leaders have access to training, use that same email to contact us!

Clubs are encouraged to train as counselor teams. Check out the GEMS Training Sheet Options here to see what this could look like for you! Have more questions? Email [email protected]

Absolutely! Building community is what the sisterhood is all about—on this site and face-to-face in the community you call home. Continue to develop the relationships and encourage one another. But if watching ReFresh videos with other leaders, each club must purchase its own ReFresh membership.

The videos are available for you to watch at your convenience—whether on your own, or with your team. Throughout your membership, you’ll have access to the entire archive, meaning you can re-watch any teaching whenever you desire.

ReFresh content will be posted weekly within the site as videos. You will have the ability to watch the videos from whatever device you choose—phone, tablet, or computer! Audio only recordings of each teaching will be available for download, along with PDFs that will contain the main points, and sometimes include bonus content. ReFresh will also feature a monthly session that will be broadcast live and include community discussion. If you are unable to watch the event live, you may always watch the video replay at your convenience.

During membership purchase, each club will need to choose one email and one password that will be used by your entire team to access the site. Create a free Gmail account for that purpose (i.e. [churchname][email protected]). We advise you not to use a personal email. The login email address and password can then be shared with the entire counselor team and your church leaders. Clubs may not share access with individuals outside of their counselor team, other clubs, churches, or organizations. (And to keep training seamless for your club, ask your team not to change the password!)

Yes! Your club membership gives access to Sunday School teachers, youth workers, and other ministries within your church. Youth leaders will receive valuable training, and the personal encouragement messages can inspire women gathered at Bible studies or even a gathering with your GEMS moms! Use each message’s corresponding handout to guide group discussion.

Subscriptions will last for one year from the purchase date.

Phone a friend! Connect with your church, go to your local library, family members, or friends. You can login from anywhere! Discover who is willing to let you use their computer/device and Internet access to gain valuable equipping and encouragement.

The ReFresh library of content will continue to grow—including new Annual Theme trainings and other relevant topics to this generation of girls. To ensure that this site continues to meet your needs, contact the GEMS Staff at [email protected]. Share what you would like to see here!

We are unable to offer GEMS ReFresh for free. However, we placed one sample teaching on the website for you to view and share with your decision maker. You can watch that video by clicking here!


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