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Robyn Kelderman
GEMS Club Coordinator

"The teaching is so amazing and practical! I could follow along, especially with the handout, and keep notes to refer to later that will help me lead my counselor team and in club. I am so glad that now my whole counselor team will be able to benefit from this training and leadership. I know all my volunteers will hear the same message and be equipped to lead in club using their gifts. I also didn't realize as I stepped into the role of Club Coordinator how much it entailed. The ReFresh video on recruiting volunteers was a lifesaver and I can't wait to implement the tips Cindy gave! Lenae's coaching tips brought me to tears! I feel like I've been hugged with encouragement and blessings from the GEMS staff!"

Whitney Meade
COO of Meade Agency, YouTube Personality

"I’m not a GEMS leader, but I am a mother of two young girls. I love ReFresh because it provides me with the girl-focused leadership training that I need as a mother, and a community of like-minded women with one solid purpose: to lead girls to Jesus. In ReFresh, I feel equipped to handle the demands that come with being a mother to girls, encouragement to keep pressing on when parenting times get tough, and the skills and training I need to engage with my daughters and their friends in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant manner. I am so thankful to have found a resource like ReFresh—every girl mom needs this program!"

Karen Ehman
Director of Speakers for Proverbs 31 Ministries; Author

"Experiencing Cindy Bultema teach will awaken you to timeless truths of Scripture made relevant to your life today. Her amazing story of transformation, coupled with her solid biblical teaching—not to mention her contagious smile—will find you walking away in love with her perfect Savior."

Carol Kent
President, Speak Up Ministries

"With vulnerable openness, gut-level honesty, down-home humor, and timeless biblical truth, Cindy Bultema will inspire you to take an action step toward fresh faith and renewed hope. Cindy ministers on and off the platform with personal warmth and genuine compassion. As a speaker, author, and mentor to many, Cindy has my highest recommendation!"


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